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Oh my God, Ronda Rousey almost tore off Julia Budd’s arm *Warning Graphic*

Oh my God, Ronda Rousey almost tore off Julia Budd’s arm *Warning Graphic*

Ronda Rousey you horrify me, but I would let you tear my arm off any day. After the wacky tapout ending against Sarah D’Alelio last August, Ronda Rousey promised next time she was in the cage an appendage would be coming home with her fashioned as some sort of ceremonial necklace and holy crap she called it!

Called it with a chilling perkiness.

Horror movie prototypes are made exactly from the mold Ronda Rousey inhabits: charming, beautiful, and absolutely terrifying. Rowdy Ronda has now officially fought for a grand total of one minute and thirty eight seconds through four professional MMA fights. In those four fights she has collected four arms, four souls and countless hearts. Watch her almost tear off Julia Budd’s arm in 39 seconds below.

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Ronda Vs. Shinya Aoki in a grappling exhibition at Dynamite or whatever it’s called this year. That’s what I want and that’s what we need. Thanks to IronForgesIron for the video.

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