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Oh, Marina Shafir wins by first round armbar. What a surprise.

Oh, Marina Shafir wins by first round armbar. What a surprise.

When you take home armbars like Gary LaPlante takes home chicken wings, you know you’re on the fast track to success. Marina Shafir is now 5-0 in amateur MMA competition and she’s never left the first round. Think about that for a second. It makes it all the more interesting that she lives with Ronda Rousey, where the two roommates no doubt gaze at their wall of trophy arms set over their Venice Beach mantle.

Twenty years from now, when the system has even fewer new ideas than they do now, they won’t try to recreate Marina, unlike Robocop, there is just no point. It’s like Marina and Ronda are Batman and Robin, and we are saying D**k Grayson Robin here, the best Robin. One who also kicked ass almost as good as the trailblazer that stood next to him.

We’re looking forward to when Marina goes pro.

Check out her latest fight from U of MMA yesterday:

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