Now, you too can learn to throw the H-Bomb

Have YOU ever wanted to drop the H-Bomb? Well, little Timmy, now you can with this helpful guide from Dan “Hollywood” Henderson. Thwart enemies, impress your friends, but most importantly, show off that H-Bomb for the special lady in your life. With Dan Henderson’s H-Bomb, all of your worries will go away!

Are you ready to learn the H-Bomb? It’s only for capable right hands, and if you’re a southpaw, you’ve got some chutzpah, so just reverse everything you see here. Remember – southpaws and the Irish aren’t real people.

Will this lead to an outbreak of H-Bombs across the sport and the world now? Perhaps. Or maybe with this knowledge of how to throw the H-Bomb, no one will use it in fear of mutually assured destruction. Children, remember to hide under your schooldesks if you hear the H-Bomb sirens go off. 

Be safe, or be sorry!

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