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Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana, a complaint has been filed by the NSAC

Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana, a complaint has been filed by the NSAC

Marijuana is as much as a performance enhancing drug as World of Warcraft is a ‘opposite sex attraction enhancer.’ Let me preface this article by stating it’s ridiculous that our society has demonized perhaps one of the least-threatening recreational substances that’s as natural and indigenous to the planet as a handful of wheat grass, a basket full of cranberries or a cup of water.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has issued a press release stating Nick Diaz tested positive for ‘marijuana metabolites’ leading up to UFC 143. Some of you remember Diaz tested positive for marijuana after his Pride FC fight against Takanori Gomi, nullifying perhaps one of the greatest fights we’ve ever seen in MMA. Since this is Diaz’s second positive marijuana drug test from NSAC, expect a suspension that will be longer than six months.

Here’s a brief rundown on THC metabolites and how the retain in the human body from

Some THC metabolites have an elimination half-life of 20 hours. However, some are stored in body fat and have a elimination half-life of 10 to 13 days. Most researchers agree that urine tests for marijuana can detect the presence of the drug in the body for up to 13 days.

However, there is anecdotal evidence that the length of time that marijuana remains in the body is affected by how often the person smokes, how much he smokes and how long he has been smoking. Regular smokers have reported positive drug test results after 45 days since last use and heavy smokers have reported positive tests 90 days after quitting.

Note that with regular smokers (like Nick Diaz) metabolites can last in the system as long as three months after ceasing smoking. Therefore, no amount of running, triathlons or GSP Rushfit can extract the substance from the system. This undoubtedly puts a halt to the recently semi-announced Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit rematch, and will only further promote an early retirement from Nick Diaz.

Update: Here’s Dana White’s official statement on Nick Diaz testing positive for marijuana.

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana,” said White. “It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

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