VIDEO: Nick Diaz Slams Georges St. Pierre: ‘Go Get Yourself A Job!’

Nick Diaz
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Nick Diaz Talks Rematch With Georges St. Pierre

Nick Diaz had one of the most legendary rivalries with welterweight GOAT Georges St. Pierre. However, that does not seem to be a fight that interests him anymore….or is it?

Diaz has not fought in almost five years, since his UFC 183 fight against Anderson Silva. However that has not stopped people from calling him out, or from fans wanting to see him fight. Despite the fact that his younger brother has now surpassed him, in terms of popularity, Diaz still has a big fanbase.

On the other hand, Georges St. Pierre has never been a fan of Diaz. The two had a big feud, leading up to their fight at UFC 158, in 2013. In fact those issues were not put to rest after the fight, with Diaz accusing GSP’s team of spiking his IV after weigh-ins.

Recently, GSP was speaking to Chael Sonnen, and expressed disinterest in another fight with Diaz. Surprisingly, he actually showed respect to Nick, offering to help him in a street fight. When speaking with TMZ, an inebriated Diaz initially shared the same sentiment.

“Georges, homeboy, go get yourself a job. Hell, they’ll hire you. They ain’t going to hire me nowhere. Go get yourself a job, Georges. Have a f—ing nice life.

I just want to be positive. I like the guy. Everybody is trying to make me the bad guy.”

However, Nick quick to change his mind, and become the bad guy he thinks people are trying to make him.

“The thing is about homeboy, and look I’ll say it right now. you have a lot of opportunities in life. I never had to talk down on nobody to get to where I was at. I didn’t have no motherf—ing opportunity.  That’s why I said, ‘Are you all about it? Then come the f–k at me then.’

I’ve got a world title right here, motherf—er Come over here and take my f—ing title then, b—h. My title ain’t got no money on it. Come and get some. Come at me then. Step in my f—ing range.”

Would you be interested in seeing Nick Diaz come back against Georges St. Pierre?

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