Nick Diaz Taunts Colby Covington To ‘Step In My Motherf—ing Range’

Nick Diaz
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Nick Diaz Fires Back At Colby Covington’s Recent Comments

Nick Diaz may not have fought in the UFC in four and a half years, but he is still willing to fight in the streets. This offer extends to welterweight title contender Colby Covington.

Nick Diaz last stepped into the UFC Octagon to face off against Anderson Silva, in January of 2015. He would lose a decision to the former champ, but the decision was overturned to a no contest when both men would fail drug tests after the fact. Silva failed for PEDs, while Diaz failed for marijuana.

This failed drug test would lead to a lifetime ban, which would be reconsidered. Although Diaz has long since served his suspension, there is a fine which he has not paid. This has stopped him from competing in the cage.

That does not stop people from calling him out. Recently, Colby Covington blasted both Nick Diaz, and his younger brother Nate. Following this, Nick was speaking to TMZ when he fired back at this callout.

““I’m not gonna sit here and call the man a liar, I never heard about it, I just found out. If you wanna fight, you know where to find me. I’m not a hard guy to find. Step in my motherfucking range right here. Come at me, bro.”

Nick Diaz is very clearly not afraid to fight any man. However, if he wants to face off against Colby Covington, it would have to be in the UFC Octagon. Although it seems likely that he will leave his younger brother to do that task for him.

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