Nick Diaz responds to Mayhem Miller in a video that would undoubtedly make the 209 proud

You remember how your friends told you they have a friend that knows a guy that can get marijuana? Nick Diaz probably knows that same guy. Nick Diaz openly admits that he smokes weed and that fact alone should automatically place him in your ‘List of fighters I want to see Ice Age 3 with stoned’. He actually says that smoking weed is all ‘part of his plan’ which apparently seems to work since the dude has been flawless in his last seven fights. We’re not saying this response to Mayhem Miller’s Schiavello interview was recorded under the influence of marijuana, but if it was, there should not be a single person out there who is surprised. [Source]

Update: The original video was removed from Youtube but don’t worry, we have it right here on

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