Never fear Machida is here with today’s ‘LOL’ funny moment

If you don’t know what it means to get ‘son’d‘ take a glimpse at this picture of Lyoto Machida. If we want to get really technical, Rashad Evans actually gets double son’d in this picture. The first son-ing is in the now infamous picture of a stanky leg Rashad Evans KO via Machida’s left fist. The second instance of son-ing occurs when a smiling Machida autographs his name across a picture of that very KO. Maybe this should be known as getting ‘stepson’d.’ Ouch.

I think Machida has depicted a pretty accurate description of getting son’d by someone. Now, I can’t tell you what it means to get ‘cousin’d’ or ‘sister’d’ but maybe a visit to the Appalachian Mountain region can provide us with a better understanding of that terminology. Just kidding West Virginia and Kentucky.

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