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Video: Nate Diaz smokes a little something at UFC 241 open workouts

Video: Nate Diaz smokes a little something at UFC 241 open workouts

The Nate Diaz Fight Week movement is real.

Not just a fancy hashtag anymore, Nate Diaz Fight Week is now a way of life. UFC fight week open workouts are cool for the fans on site, but worthless for the rest of us.

Then Diaz showed up to the UFC 241 open workouts and crushed it. As much as you can crush a highly orchestrated UFC media appearance.

Diaz is Legend, but if you’re reading MiddleEasy you should already know that.

Haters will say it’s fake, but Diaz really did spark up during his Wednesday public appearance.

Like, how could you not like Nate Diaz? Who the hell wants their MMA buttoned up and corporate? Why would you want to watch create-a-fighter number 99 versus create-a-fighter-7B battle for a spot in the UFC rankings?


Give us personality. Be yourself and just crank it up to 11. The Diaz Brothers are authentic and that is why fans are drawn to them. Nick and Nate refuse to draw inside the lines, despite the UFC’s best efforts. Remember how the UFC hates to give up control? Pushes their brand before their fighter’s personalities?

Nate and Nick Diaz shake-up the system and to be honest, MMA needs much more of that. The sport was founded on pushing the envelope and people’s buttons. Nate messing around with CBD or some kind pre-roll sponsorship on the UFC’s time is what MMA’s founding Father’s would have wanted.

Nate Diaz is likely on the tail end of his MMA run. Enjoy him smoking weed at UFC sanctioned events. In a Reebok/ESPN buttoned up world, these Diaz moments are the bonus tracks MMA needs played much more often.

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