Most of you guys want to punch Brock Lesnar in the face

Another week, another set of ridiculous questions. It feels more like a week because it probably is. The name should be changed to ‘Weekly, sometimes Monthly polls’ but I will leave them as ‘Weekly’ in order to give you guys the illusion that the polls are updated weekly. Last time we asked ‘Who has the greatest chance of LOSING their belt in 2010?‘. 33% of you voted that Jake Shields would be the first to lose his belt in 2010. Alistair Overeem came in second with 20.7% and Lyoto Machida grabbed third place with 19.2%. Only 1.2% of you believe Gegard Mousasi will lose his Strikeforce Light Heavyweight belt. The next question was ‘Which fighter would you like to sucker punch in the face and run away?‘ and Brock Lesnar placed first with 26% of the votes. Josh Koscheck came in a close second with 21.8% and your boy Frank Mir pulled 15.6%. The final question we posed was ‘If you could pick one discipline in MMA to master, what would it be?‘. No surprise here, Jiu-jitsu came in first with 31.3% followed by Muay-Thai with 25.5%. Hood only nabbed 8% of the vote. Damn.

Here are the questions for this week:

Who would you like to see added in EA Sports MMA?

Which camp would you want to train in?

Who has the strongest kicks in MMA?

You know what to do, vote as often as possible on the right side of every page. Lets get it on!

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