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MMA with dirt bikes flying overhead, America wins AGAIN

MMA with dirt bikes flying overhead, America wins AGAIN

As my overly hot actress neighbor who drunkenly stumbled into my apartment said: ‘It’s like Cage vs. Cons, but for the suburbanites that lost their virginity to Korn.’ She’s somewhat right in her impaired state. This hybrid event was called ‘Backflips & Beatdowns 4’ and it was held in Billings, Montana, a place where time flicked away onto the metaphorical wall and forgot about, like a miscellaneous booger.

It all went down this past weekend and it featured quads and motorcycles jumping off an incredibly high ramp that was placed directly next to an MMA cage. See, it’s like the start of a really great and novel idea — but exactly the opposite. We’re assuming all fighters on the card had to sign an agreement acknowledging the risk that there was a moderate chance of a flying human being atop a vehicle crushing them at any point of the fight. It’s like an unintentional obstacle dictated by the laws of gravity. Sir Issac Newton would have been proud.

Since there’s nothing else you want to do aside from watch this video over a cool cup of ‘WTF,’ check out footage of last weekend’s ‘Backflips & Beatdowns 4’ event.

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