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Mike Tyson Mysteries is your new favorite cartoon

Mike Tyson Mysteries is your new favorite cartoon

In my brief time in LA the strangest people I met were those that worked on cartoons. Mostly Cartoon Network cartoons, but also cartoons in general. There’s something about the magic of animation that brings out the weirdo in everyone, and that’s fine, just don’t carry your own goblet of PBR around from hipster bar to hipster bar when you’re only a story editor on a series that hasn’t even aired yet, dude (true story).

I fit the mold well. Most people that write or work on cartoons have or have had long hair and silly beards (like I used to have). They are a quiet people, unless they are in the writing room, then they show a sort of intelligence they can’t flex until they’re back in the room, trying to make the next absurd joke fit into the context of the reality they’ve created. Damn, I miss LA?

Without a doubt, some bearded, long-haired, drug-addled freaks are working with Mike Tyson on his new Cartoon Network show; Mike Tyson  Mysteries, and this is a good, if not great thing. Just watch the trailer to what will become your new favorite television program below.

Yes, we now live in a world where Mike Tyson travels to Comic-Con to debut his new Mystery Cartoon. I like it.

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