Mike Kyle tells us that his fight with Gegard Mousasi is for no. 1 contendership


I approached Mike Kyle at the Arnold Sport and Fitness Expo as he was heading to the finals of the national bikini championship. Normally a man who was denied a view at a bikini championsip would be slightly ornery, but not Kyle. For a dude who routinely punches people in the face extremely hard at American Kickboxing Academy he is a super nice dude, and he has one of the most gentle and comforting handshakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of partaking in. It was like a warm Snuggie in metacarpus form. Check out Mike Kyle confirming that the winner of his April 9th bout with the Dreamcatcher takes on Hendo.

I just realized that in a roundabout way I said I like holding Mike Kyle’s hand.

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