Miesha Tate is smoking hot and fighting next week

Raise your hand if you like hot chicks. Ok, now raise your hand if you know who Miesha Tate is. No hands up? Well ok, if I tell you Miesha Tate is a hot chick that mounts other chicks in tight hot pants…Now raise your hand if you want to see Miesha Tate fight next week. All hands up, good.

Miesha ‘The Hottie with the Body’ Tate (I just made that up yo) has a MMA record of 6-1 with her only lost coming to Kaitlin Young who herself was victim the the equally hot Gina Carano just about this time last year. Imagine Gina Carano fighting Miesha Tate. To see that fight I would kill all three of my functioning alcoholic neighbor’s cats, and not even think about it yo.

But we do get to see Miesha Tate go head to head with Sarah Kaufman May 15th on Show MMA. So if you have Showtime your in luck because you get to see chicks fight which is something no one can turn their heads away from. America rocks.

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