Michael Bisping has already mentally defeated Dan Miller, Professor X style

Everyday, we have to overcome mental challenges. For instance, yesterday, I mentally defeated this oversized pulled pork burrito in SoHo. I didn’t think I could do it at first. It looked big enough to quench Shane Carwin’s hunger for an entire Sunday afternoon. The dude who served it to me saw my Jaco shirt and told me he was a huge MMA fan. He even over-stuffed the thing full of meat after we exchanged our UFC 114 picks and I told him we actually interviewed Shane Carwin. That just goes to show you the power of Jaco clothing combined with a fixation for a solid Al Pastor. Although I may not have finished the burrito in one sitting, I’m pretty sure that I mentally defeated it by calling it names in a British accent. It’s the ‘Michael Bisping approach’ of psyching out whatever is in front of you. Check out this video of Bisping saying Dan Miller is already mentally defeated, adding that he’s pretty much already won tomorrow night’s fight. [Source]

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