(Video) Watch Joe Rogan, Kevin Holland, and Head Coach Argue if Conor McGregor is Still Competitive in the UFC

Joe Rogan, Kevin Holland, and Head Coach Travis Lutter spoke about Conor McGregor and if he is still competitive in the UFC's lightweight division.

Screenshot of Kevin Holland on Joe Rogan Experience via Youtube
Screenshot of Kevin Holland on Joe Rogan Experience via Youtube

Conor McGregor getting knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 left fans with more questions about Conor than answers. Is Dustin Poirier better than McGregor at this stage of their careers? Did Conor only lose due to being inactive in mixed martial arts? Furthermore, is Conor McGregor still an elite competitor in the UFC?  Joe Rogan, along with UFC fighter Kevin Holland and head coach Travis Lutter answered if McGregor is still competitive on the Joe Rogan show. 

Joe Rogan Experience on if McGregor is Still Competitive 

During the show, the men spoke about who they believe is the greatest of all-time in the UFC’s lightweight division. To no surprise, it was unanimously agreed upon that Khabib Nurmagomedov is the greatest to ever do it in the division. However, when speaking about Conor McGregor, the group wasn’t so sure that Conor was still elite. 

“I don’t think Conor is competitive anymore,” said Lutter. “I think that’s it. I’m sure he’ll make money and he will fight a few more times if he wants to. I think (the) time has taken its toll.”

Rogan then asked if Lutter believes that Conor is finished, or if he is simply not motivated due to the money and success he’s acquired on his way to the top of the MMA world. 

“Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s desire. I don’t know. I don’t have the answers but I think the time has come,” finished Lutter. 

Kevin on Conor’s Difficult Path Back to MMA

When Holland was asked about McGregor, his position was different than his head coaches. 

“I think (McGregor’s poor performance) it’s time. Going to boxing and then coming over for his first fight back, fighting Khabib. Then you take (more) time off and you come back and fight Cowboy. Then a pandemic comes. You get whole another year off and then you come back and you fight Dustin Poirier. Let’s think about his last few fight’s (last three losses). You (Conor) got Floyd Mayweather (arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time) if not definitely the best defensive boxers of all time and one of the smartest boxers of all time, as far as how you did his career. And then you lose to Khabib (Nurmagomedov), who many says the greatest 155ever. Even one around against could be probably drunk off his wishkey as well. Then you got Dustin Poirier fight. I think he’s pretty serious about Dustin Poirier fight but i think at the same time, he’s thinking than what he was at the time. I think  he’s thinking about boxing Manny Pacquiao and doing all these other things that he goes in there.”

“My hands are this fantastic and it’s time to show you guys the Max Holloway is not the best boxer. He gets chopped at the leg now it’s hard to move yeah it’s hard to move, it’s hard to defend the takedown, it’s hard to grapple, it’s hard to box, it’s hard to do anything. Said by Holland. (Holland said me) personally never thought Irishman get knocked out until then.”

Holland believes. “It’s not necessary over for the guy (Conor). The guy has to not take rich person’s approach, but he has to take more of approach than he took back in the day when he was on welfare. Go out there and get it stop telling everybody what your training schedule is going to be and just (F*cking) and do what the (F*ucking) gym tells you to do.”

Holland also add on Conor’s stance: “Its probably worse from orthodox now that all he does is work on his boxing. It’s like the things he probably used to do a switch dance you know different kicks, different setups. He’s probably not there anymore. He’s probably really really great fighter from that one stance, but now when you take him outside of that stance he probably becomes you know the C or D great fighter.”

Holland then spoke about McGregor’s last three losses. The first against Floyd Mayweather who is arguably the greatest boxer of all time. Next, Khabib, who many say is the greatest lightweight ever. Finally, Poirier, to which Holland believes that McGregor wasn’t fully focused. 

Do fans believe that Conor McGregor is still elite in the UFC? Or, has time simply passed him by?


Published on February 24, 2021 at 11:06 pm
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