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Mayhem Miller vs. Jake Shields coming up

Mayhem Miller vs. Jake Shields coming up

When we made our Top Ten Wildest MMA Entrances list, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was the only guy to tell us he should have been ranked much higher. Despite coming in 5th place, he sent us a message with a video and told us to ‘watch this one’. It was the same exact video we placed on our Top Ten list. He then followed up by stating ‘Chinese FOB massage places are the best. I knew this one place was legit because the sign said “lefrexology.’ I would love to get an Oldsmobile, shrink it down with that laser they used in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and drive into Mayhem’s brain to see how it operates.

Scott Coker was interviewed by MMAJunkie and this is what he said about a Jake Shields vs. Mayhem Miller match up: 

“The thing about ‘Mayhem,’ he’s fighting in Japan and his contract allows him to fight in Japan with DREAM, but he also has a contract with Strikeforce,” Coker said. “You will see him in Strikeforce, and whether he’s fighting for DREAM or for us, ‘Mayhem’ Miller vs. Jake Shields, we’re trying to put that fight together.”

Coker even said that he would like to put together Melvin Manhoef vs. Robber Lawler and Shinya Aoki vs. Josh Thompson or Gilbert Melendez. Wow. Dream and Strikeforce really are coming together like Voltron. [Source]

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