Mayhem Miller is rocking a shirt that will send shockwaves in the 209

I was walking in a store the other day and saw a ‘breakfast cookie’. Cookies for breakfast, it’s about time. I didn’t need an excuse before, but now I have a real one.  If I saw this ‘Don’t be scared homie’ shirt in that same store, I would have purchased it and mailed it to my mother as a birthday present. She understands the inner-mechanics of MMA about as much as I fully understand what inside a ‘breakfast cookie’ constitutes for it to be called a ‘breakfast cookie’. Check out what Mayhem Miller is wearing around Houston, Texas today in order to get his message across in a fashionable way. Props to our bud Esther for the pic. [Source]


Update: EA Sports MMA just tweeted (twatted?) this video of Mayhem calling out Nick Diaz as he spinning back fists him repeatedly in the game. It’s getting real folks.

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