Matt Serra refuses to lose to a guy with a ‘tramp stamp’

A plastic wrapper is like a condom for a Twinkie. So apparently a lower back tattoo is a stamp for a tramp. In case you need to send a tramp across the country, you know where to place the postage. I don’t really know a lot about tramp stamps other than they usually come in the form of a butterfly or a fairy…or a fairy next to a butterfly. We’ve all seen them on chicks we thought we could hook up with, it’s nothing new. However, Matt Serra knows the science behind tramp stamps to a degree that the normal human would never be able to comprehend. In fact, in an interview with Sherdog, Matt Serra says he will never lose to a guy with a tramp stamp.

“Look, when my career is over and done with, I’m the one who can look back and say that I was the champ. He got there twice and choked both times — literally. I refuse to lose to a guy that has a [expletive] tramp stamp. You’ve seen his back, right? C’mon. No way am I losing to a guy that walks around with that.”

Upon further review, butter is like K-Y Jelly for pancakes. There’s actually a lot of food double entendres that I can place here but I’m not sure how many will have Matt Serra’s approval (or disapproval). [Source

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