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Matt Horwich says ‘Hello from the multiverse’ as he prepares for Thales Leites

Matt Horwich says ‘Hello from the multiverse’ as he prepares for Thales Leites

From Wikipedia:

“The multiverse (or meta-universe, metaverse) is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James.The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.”

Matt Horwich is in tune with the multiverse, and he knows that MiddleEasy readers are too. Somewhere in a parallel timeline MiddleEasy is actually covering the fully developed and professional version of Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball, and although that is totally cool and we wish it existed in a complete form in this universe – it doesn’t. It makes us slightly depressed that doesn’t, but that is how these things work in the multiverse. Luckily the number one person to cheer us up in this universe is Matt Horwich, who is granting Thales Leites a chance at redemption down in Brazil, after Matt tapped him out a few years ago.

LayzieTheSavage caught up with Matt at Legend’s Gym, watch below.

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