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Mask and Iceman in the Hall of Fame

Damn. It was a hard blow to the entire MMA world when Mask died in that car accident a few months ago. Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis, the founder of Tapout was DOA when his ferrari wrapped around a telephone poll shortly after racing a white porsche. Dude was a millionare and not even money can save you from that dirt nap we’re all destined to take. UFC added the entire Tapout crew to UFC Undisputed in honor of Mask. Now they’ve taken it one step further by honoring Mask in the UFC Hall of Fame. Alongside Mask is your boy Chuck Liddell (which is pretty much like a Dana White parting gift from the UFC). What I’m assuming is Dana White is giving Chuck ‘Hall of Famer’ status so that he won’t return to the octagon. But hey, dude has one of the rawest mohawks out there so anything can happen. Below is the last interview Mask did before he passed away. Believe. [Source]




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