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Marius Zaromskis just dropped a dude with a somersault kick, and here’s the video

Marius Zaromskis just dropped a dude with a somersault kick, and here’s the video

Before you watch this clip of Marius Zaromskis nearly relocating a guy’s head from his shoulders with a somersault kick, let’s never forget that in 2010 we were literally a finger poke away from seeing potentially one of the greatest MMA bouts of that year: Marius Zaromskis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf.

I’ve seen Waachiim Spiritwolf fight live a total of two times in two years in two different states in two different organizations. There’s probably a multitude of things I could say at this point like ‘…and he has two amazing fists’, but that would be expected and cliche. Instead, I’ll just show you this interview we conducted with Spiritwolf after his Bellator fight with Jaime Jara which was so bloody that MTV 2 decided not to air it.

So before you start writing your ‘MMA wishlists’ with Silva vs. GSP on top, just remember that before the Mayans kill the planet in 2012, Marius Zaromskis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf needs to happen.

This morning, Marius Zaromskis fought in a small promotion called Rumble of the Kings in Stockholm, Sweden. His opponent was Bruno Carvalho, and The Whitemare managed to do pull off an inhuman somersault kick and finished the bout with a flurry of punches. We have the video, and you need to watch it. Props to Smolfi for the find.

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