Male Internet troll challenges unbeaten female Anna Dempster to a fight and it’s happening

Anna Dempster WMMA

What happens when someone says “say it to my face” actually does it? What happens when someone really meets you in Temecula? Anna Dempster is about to find out.

Dempster is going to fight heckling male Internet troll in real life (IRL).

First let’s watch pro troll Kristopher Zylinski yell at the sky about gender or something.

Then this happened

And now Anna Dempster is going to legally fight Kristopher Zylinski in MMA. Holy shit or LOL.

Here’s one of Dempster’s recent fights

If the Fight Gods (Freak Show Gods) have any empathy left Dempster will head kick KO this deranged dude in 30 seconds. Here is the official page where the event will be streamed on January 6th in Orlando Florida.

H/T WMMA Rankings for the find

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