Malaipet is the latest fighter to join Supremacy MMA

When I first watched this trailer revealing kickboxing demigod Malaipet as the latest fighter to join the ever growing roster of Supremacy MMA, I directly quoted Jurassic Park: ‘Look at all the bloooood’. Now that we are within spitting distance of the September release date, we are viewing a near complete build of the engine that will be bringing blood and broken bones to our respective home console of choice.

That said, should probably be the first to bring up the rawesomeness of a potential Supremacy MMA vs Mortal Kombat crossover. Liu Kang vs Malaipet? Yes, please.

Felice Herrig vs Sonya, Shane Del Rosario vs Stryker, Jens vs Sheeva (I don’t know why) and Jerome Le Banner vs Quan Chi. Lets make it happen.

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