Lyle Beerbohm calling out Gilbert Melendez has been abruptly hijacked by Josh Thomson

You may remember Lyle Beerbohm from the time he was defeated at…oh that’s right, dude is 14-0 and his most recent win over Shaolin Riberio has progressed him even closer to what Dan Quinn calls ‘legendary status’. The only thing that would prevent Fancy Pants from achieving ‘legendary status’ would originate from last October when the entire Hoelzer Reich fiasco slapped the MMA world in the face like a drunk ex-girlfriend on a Friday night, Lyle Beerbohm insisted that he still be sponsored by a clothing company that had blatant ties to neo-nazism and skinheads because ‘they seemed nice on the phone’. However, Beerbohm did come out to DMX’s Ruff Ryder’s Anthem at Strikeforce: At The Dome, which according to my friend that lives in Atlanta, GA, makes everything better.

As most things in this universe, it all started on The Underground. Two days ago, Lyle Beerbohm created a thread on the UG just to call out Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez.


Everything was going as scheduled on the UG, people were hating for absolutely no reason, everyone had their popcorn ready to endure the potential words exchanged between El Nino and Fancy Pants, and then former Strikeforce lightweight champion, Josh Thomson, swung by to drop some knowledge on everyone regarding Lyle Beerbohm and ‘ducking/tucking’.

Lyle…. How ya gonna come on a public forum an call someone out when 4days ago you pulled out of a fight with me? Seems to me your gettin a lil ahead of yourself there homie. Ill give you the benefit of the doubt that you hurt your elbow but show a lil class an stop talking about wanting to fight all these people an just fight.

Josh “thepunk” Thomson

Wait, it gets better. Josh felt the need to go after Lyle Beerbohm just a little bit more.

Everyone has a great story to tell about their life so forgive Strikeforce an Scott Coker for not promoting someone who just 2 weeks before his Shaolin fight was on a public forum askin for a lawyer to help get him out of his Strikeforce contract. Now he’s on a public forum again calling out the Champ after you just pulled out of a fight with the former Champ. REALLY GUYS!?!?

I’d say Strikeforce has/is given him the opportunities he talkes about of public forums but he passed on it. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him… FIGHT!

Josh “thepunk” Thomson

Since Josh Thomson appeared on the thread, Lyle Beerbohm has not responded. The rest of the thread has just consisted of Josh arguing with some dude named ShortcakeIsSik (got to love the internet). Fancy Pants vs. The Punk would be a great match but I’m still crossing every appendage I have for a Kawajiri vs. Josh Thomson match held in Dream with a ten-minute first round. If that fight goes down and it instantly becomes fight of the year, I would not be surprised at all. [Source]

Update: Lyle Beerbohm just responded to Thomson’s message on the UG (props to Joe for the find)

“HEY PUNK I DIDNT DUCK YOU. ILL WHOOP YOUR ASS AFTER I BEAT UP GIL. If strikeforce treated me the way they treat you i would stick up for them too. I feel ive earned the right to fight Gil. And the only way for me to make any money is to fight for the tiltle.


Published on June 1, 2010 at 7:40 pm
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