Lead singer of Tool gets some guy in a RNC on stage…and continues to sing

Apparently there’s a memo floating around that today is ‘Rear Naked Choke Monday’. I’m not really down with memos, my attention span is entirely too short. If you can’t tell me in 140 characters or less than I’m likely to get distracted by some shiny object hanging from my window. First, a guy just completely chokes out some shirtless dude at a gas station then uses the Youtube video to plug his gym. Now the leader singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan, judo throws some dude on stage and then gets him in a textbook rear naked choke all of which occurs while Maynard is still singing. Dude uses judo, gets the submission and then sings afterward. That guy just got Karo Parisyaned. Props to Steve for the clip.



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