Laura Sanko On Joe Rogan Being Cancelled: “I Sure Wouldn’t Want To Be Judged On My Worst Day At The Office”

UFC broadcaster Laura Sanko reacts to Joe Rogan getting backlash.

Laura Sanko Joe Rogan
Laura Sanko Joe Rogan

UFC broadcasters have to stick together. This would be the case for UFC analyst Laura Sanko as she shows some support for Joe Rogan amidst his controversies.

Rogan is currently under the heel of ‘cancel culture’ as he is being shunned on social media. This would come after Neil Young and other musicians pulled their music from Spotify to protest Rogan spreading COVID-19 ‘misinformation’. After receiving some heat for that, videos would resurface of the UFC broadcaster saying the ‘N-word’ multiple times over the years.

Rogan would later apologize for both things.

Laura Sanko Says Rogan’s Apologies Were ‘Heartfelt’

With the personality being under fire, Laura Sanko would dive into Rogan’s controversial situation in a recent interview. 

“In support of Joe Rogan, I absolutely would not be supporting the things that he said, and that compilation video is awful,” Sanko told MiddleEasy. But I guess my opinion on the entire situation is formed on the fact that Joe Rogan thinks it’s awful.”

“It’s not as if Joe Rogan came out and made a ton of excuses or said that he stands by those comments or those things that were said. He came out and made a very, I felt like heartfelt, genuine apology, not only on that topic, but of course the previous talk topic about the COVID-19 podcasts that he had done.”

Thoughts On ‘Cancel Culture’

Believing in Rogan’s ‘genuine’ apologies, Sanko believes further rejection of Rogan doesn’t allow the podcaster to grow and improve on his actions.

“I think cancel culture in general is a very dangerous slippery slope because the, the endgame of cancel culture is not feasible,” Sanko continued. “We would all love to be able to cut all hatred, all misinformation, all negativity out of the world and have everyone live in a place where we all feel uplifted and, and positive. But it’s impossible to do that. I think that when you take someone who has done something horribly offensive and they apologize and you still say, no, no, you should be silenced from here on out— You take away all opportunity for growth and healing and reconciliation.”

Sanko would add on to that. 

“I feel like is more than anything that’s what’s missing in the world right now. Again, I’m not saying people shouldn’t be offended. It’s not my place to say. I literally remove myself from that part of the conversation. But I think in terms of the idea of canceling people who in the past have done offensive things, I sure wouldn’t want to be judged by my worst day in the office. I don’t think anybody would. (We should) provide people an opportunity to say I was wrong, I will do better and then allow them the chance to do that. Allow them the chance to be better, allow them the chance to never make that wrong decision again. I think that’s what’s important because when we live in a place where you’re either with someone or against them, I just don’t think it works like that. Life is not black and white. Life is very, very gray.”

Sanko Thinks Rogan Is A Good Person

Having worked alongside Rogan for many years on the UFC broadcast team, Sanko would stand testament to Rogan’s character. 

“I think Joe is a good person,” Sanko added. “I genuinely do. I think Joe has overall very, very good intentions in terms of the information that he brings forward and the way that he treats people. Every personal interaction with him I’ve ever had, has been a hundred percent positive.

“I think more than anything, he’s aware that what he did and said was not right and he’s apologized for it. I think that we should take him at his apology and judge him on his actions, [from] here on out.”

Published on February 10, 2022 at 10:14 am
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