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Kurt Pellegrino retired from MMA last night, here’s his retirement speech

Kurt Pellegrino retired from MMA last night, here’s his retirement speech

If you type ‘Pellegrino’ into, you get the following definition:

“A Term used to describe a Trisexual Caucasian Shemale, Who is an extreme dork that loves math. “Pellegrinos” are most likely shemales that play “World Of Worldcraft” and enjoys “Girl On Girl” Action. A Pellegrino also has a small uncircumcised penis.”

Now the only question that’s left is which UGer created that definition? My guess would be CRE or FrontRowBrian — but I’m prepared to be completely wrong in my assessment. Just promise me that whenever Kurt Pellegrino finds the person that made the Urban Dictionary entry, let there be a videocamera in the vicinity and steadily pointed at the victim.

Kurt ‘Batman’ Pellegrino is the man. Technically, he’s a batman — but not the Batman. After his bout against Gleison Tibau at UFC 128, Pellegrino announced his retirement from MMA, then managed to come back to the sport at Bellator 59 to face an extremely tough Patricky Pitbull. Unfortunately for Batman, things didn’t go the way he envisioned and shortly after the fight, Pellegrino announced his retirement for the second time in his career. The Fight Nerd attended the post-fight presser and managed to record Kurt Pellegrino’s full retirement speech, and maybe you should find some time in your day to check it out.

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