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Kurt Pellegrino has already accused George Sotiropoulos of cheating

Kurt Pellegrino has already accused George Sotiropoulos of cheating

If you type ‘Pellegrino’ into, you get the following definition:

A Term used to describe a Trisexual Caucasian Shemale, Who is an extreme dork that loves math. “Pellegrinos” are most likely shemales that play “World Of Worldcraft” and enjoys “Girl On Girl” Action. A Pellegrino also has a small uncircumcised penis.

My god these George Sotiropoulos fans and their intricate, multi-layered smack-talk. Perhaps they’re just trying to get him back from an interview Pellegrino did with MMAWeekly in which he accused Sotiropoulos of cheating.

“I’m not stressed out. I’m not nervous. Why would I be nervous? I’ve grappled with the best grappler on the planet (Marcelo Garcia). I’ve seen everything. This is the best prepared person I’ve ever been. I just have a lot of confidence right now. I don’t need to cheat or find a loophole to make my game better. My game is where it is: no shirt, pair of fight shorts, let’s rock and roll. I don’t need neoprene or kneepads to help me win or get the edge. If that’s what he needs, fantastic; good for him. He knows he’s a cheater.”

We’re just a few hours away from one of the biggest cards in UFC history and if you haven’t already watched George Sotiropoulos’ bout with Shinya Aoki in Shooto nearly four years ago, then maybe you should take 6:03 out of your day to see one of the wildest ground battles ever witnessed in Japan. [Source]

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