Just another reason why it really, really sucks to be Ubereem’s training partner

There’s a tape of Ubereem speaking in Dutch. The English subtitles read ‘It’s like this. No matter how tough you are, knees on your head from me you cannot swallow‘. We think a lot got lost in translation, but we do know this…dude has hydrogen bombs for knees. Getting trapped in Ubereem’s muay-thai clinch must be what the universe felt shortly before the big bang created it. Despite the various amount of intangible fecal matter that is thrown at him on MMA message boards, Ubereem is still the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion and he will finally defend his belt against The Grim on May 15th in St. Louis, Missouri. In order to prepare for perhaps the biggest fight of his MMA career, Ubereem has been training by beating the hell out of small guys in sweaters, seriously. [Source]


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