Josh Barnett was just vandalized!

Now it looks like the fans are starting to turn on the guy that brought down an entire fighting organization (He just pulled a Kimbo Slice!). You could even tell the guilt is starting to get to Barnett, just check out his Twitter page. Dude used to update it over ten times a day. Now since the news dropped, he’s made one twat that just directed people to a blog on his Myspace page. Blogs and Twats, this future is not like Back to the Future II one that was promised to us over twenty years ago. We have the iphone, yeah that’s pretty future. So is an HDTV, that’s defintely future. Miley Cyrus, not so future. The View? Eh, not so future. If someone told me about blogging and twatting twenty years ago, he first thing I would have said was ‘Well can I do it in my flying car?’. Until we have flying cars, we’re still living in 1989.

Apparently Josh Barnett’s Wikipedia page has been vandalized so much that Wikipedia put a notification on his page that states: Editing of this article by new or unregistered users is currently disabled due to vandalism.



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