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Even more pics of a lifeless Jose Aldo cutting weight to 135 pounds

Even more pics of a lifeless Jose Aldo cutting weight to 135 pounds

Weight cutting in MMA is really dumb. Jose Aldo attempting to get his body down to 135 pounds is really dumb.

Yet here we are. At UFC 245 this weekend, the greatest MMA featherweight of all time is dropping 10 extra pounds off his body. Sure, Aldo might not ever beat Conor McGregor. And Max Holloaway has Aldo’s number seven days a week.

But is this really the answer?

Thanks to being blocked off at 145 pounds, Aldo’s next career is not retirement or moving up in weight. Aldo has chosen to move down to 135 pounds on Saturday night.

The thing is Aldo was already a decent sized 145 pounder. Not a huge featherweight by any means, but Aldo was well built. Where the hell is Aldo going to find an extra 10 pounds to cut out?

If you thought Aldo cutting more weight was a bad idea, you were right. In the weeks leading up to UFC 245, Aldo trying to squeeze into his new weight class has become a MMA meme.

“In the arms of an angel” needs to playing over every single pic of Jose Aldo during his weight cut. Yeah, that’s not the name of the song, but Aldo needs to eat y’all.

Whatever edge Aldo thinks he’s getting by fighting at bantamweight, his body will nullify it. In the battle of brain versus body, Aldo’s brain might not be getting enough water for it to make a difference.

Ban weight cutting from MMA. Ban Famine Jose Aldo from getting his head caved in at at 135 pounds.

Important Update: Makes sense, but still…..

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