Exclusive: Jordan Leavitt Expects 15 Minutes Of Touch Butt Against Paddy Pimblett

Jordan Leavitt wants to do more than twerk

Photo credit: Alex Behunin

Jordan Leavitt doesn’t expect a first-round finish of Paddy Pimblett next month at UFC London. Instead, ‘The Monkey King’ expects 15 minutes of touch butt.

According to Leavitt, if you expect a grappling fight between two legit ground specialists, you better change your expectations. In a recent exclusive interview with MiddleEasy, the 27-year-old fighter out of Las Vegas, NV, he said his fight with Pimblett is going to be awkward.

Touch Butt and an Awkward decision

“I think it’s going to be something,” Leavitt told MiddleEasy. “Like, two grappling specialists. He has okay offense but is horrible at closing distance. I have great defense, but horrible at closing distance. I think it’s gonna be a very – we’re going to playing touch butt for 15 minutes, I think. If I get him to the ground, I think I’ll submit him but I’m expecting a very awkward, dragged out, strange decision.”

Earlier this month, Leavitt said he is planning on doing his post-fight ‘twerk’ celebration when he defeats Pimblett on July 23. However, he told us that he could take the robot from the late ‘Ryan Jimmo,’ who tragically passed away a few years ago. Oh, and Madonna’s vogue.


“I can do the robot. I don’t see why not. I could like twerk, shake the booty in his face, make him eat some cake, you know, and then like, get a little robot action done. But then I’ll be copying Ryan Jimbo to a tee. I’ve wanted to the robot. But since meet him both do the splits. And then he kind of would do the robot. I don’t want to completely steal his gimmick. Even though I was unaware it was his gimmick until I thought about doing it,” Leavitt said. “Oh, I can do [the Vogue]. I can Vogue to a camera. If they’re not throwing stuff at me at that point. I’m gonna do a bunch of different things if the crowd will let me after this fight.”

“I’m gonna have to be safe though. Safety is the number one goal after I do this celebration dance and get booed.”

Do you have any dance recommendations for Jordan Leavitt? Please leave them in the comments!

Leavitt vs. Pimblett goes down on July 23 in London.

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