Jon Jones compares himself to a Power Ranger because he was accused of ducking fights, or something…

Back in the day I thought I was entirely too cool to watch The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While everyone was talking about which ranger was their favorite, I was too busy sitting in the corner of the lunch room listening to Masta P’s ‘Bout it’. I thought I was cool because I elected hearing Masta-P say ‘Ugh’ on my CD player (damn, remember those things?). The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a direct rip-off of Voltron so I watched Ultraman instead out of protest. I was an afternoon cartoon revolutionary. I didn’t follow trend, especially when it came to color coated futuristic ninjas. Apparently Bones Jones was an avid fan of the show and in this interview with Cagewriter, he compares himself to a Power Ranger and then makes a comparison to his MMA career and an episode of the show, I think. [Source]

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