Jeff Monson is considered an ‘American Hero’ in this M-1 Global promo

It seems as if I’m the only person in the MMA community that genuinely finds the match-up of Fedor Emelianenko and Jeff Monson intriguing. My former roommate believes Jeff Monson is being paid an enormous amount of one dollar bills to ‘take a dive’ during next month’s fight, which will be held in the heart of Russia. Granted that could be a possibility, yet it’s hard to believe that someone as authentic as Monson would take a payday over an attempt to defeat one of the greatest of all times. In our interview with Jeff Monson, we joked that he should change his nickname to ‘Captain America.’ He responded with a long answer on how anarchism is the only way to truly fulfill one’s duty of being American. Apparently M-1 Global took his answer and interpreted it as Monson being an ‘American hero’ as illustrated in this M-1 promo.

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