Jake Shields Details His Side Of Altercation With “Pathetic” Mike Jackson

Former fighter Jake Shields details his side of the altercation with Mike Jackson at the UFC Performance Institute.

Jake Shields
Jake Shields on Instagram

Jake Shields is giving his side of the story pertaining to his recent altercation with UFC fighter Mike Jackson at the UFC PI. 

The UFC Performance Institute is a place where fighters under a UFC contract can go for training, nutrition, and recovery. However, having so many fighters under one roof can sometimes lead to altercations. This is the case that happened this week between UFC fighter Mike Jackson and former UFC fighter Jake Shields. These two men have had a history of bad blood between them. Jackson has been calling Shields names on social media for a while now. The two were in the same location at the UFC PI the other day and all the name-calling turned into a physical fight. 

Jackson took his social media right away to explain that Shield had started a fight with him after he had called him a Nazi. Now Shield is getting a chance to tell his side of the story.

Jake Shields thinks that Mike Jackson is a liar and explains why the two came to blows

Shields has fought in the UFC in the past but is no longer under contract. He often works with other fighters and was in the UFC Performance Institute earlier this week. He was a guest on the Inside Fighting YouTube channel where he explain his side of the story involving the altercation with Jackson. 

“I think he’s a pathetic lying, scumbag racist. I think he’s one of the most pathetic. Fighting as a whole produces the best people and he’s the worst fighter I’ve ever seen. Every single fighter hates him, everyone hates him, he’s just pathetic, racist, race-baiting, he’s mentally ill.” he said.  “You know the weird part is, you know, I don’t really care about race but he happens to be three-fourths white, one-quarter black and he grew up playing lacrosse, rich, and he acts like he’s some kind of thug black dude with black power. It’s like any other dude that has Black Power tattoos are hard. That’s the weakest mother. This dude was crying when I threw him on the ground, please help me, please help me. It’s like where’s your Black Power gang, buddy? You ain’t so tough now?”

Shields feels that he was defending himself by starting the confrontation with Jackson. Jackson has been calling him names such as “Nazi” on social media which Shields believes is a detriment to his character. He explained that he did not intend to harm Jackson and the altercation was broken up pretty quickly.

“He’s been calling me a Nazi online thinking that’s like funny, that ain’t no laughing matter, that’s defamation of my character to call me Nazi. That’s the same thing as calling Muslim terrorists or black person the N-word. It’s like, you don’t go around calling that and I think that’s fighting words. He deserved to get it and he’s just sitting there talking sh-t.” he said. “He was like you’re a Nazi scum so I run over there. He threw a hook on me and grabbed him, threw him on the ground like the little bi–h he is, he got mounted. I never hit him. I didn’t want to hurt him. A more wanted to humiliate him so open hand slapping him and then eventually got pulled off after I embarrassed him.”

Shields is no longer actively fighting so the odds of these two meeting inside the cage is pretty slim but their feud continues to live on social media.

Published on December 21, 2022 at 10:41 am
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