Jake Paul: ‘These UFC Champions Who Think They’re So Tough, I’ll Beat The F*ck Out Of All Of Them’

'The Problem Child' reckons he could beat Michael Bisping and other fighters who have worn UFC gold.

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Jake Paul and his conquest against UFC fighters looks to be far from over. 

‘The Problem Child’ has caused quite the ruckus, defeating former world champs Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley in 2021. Those wins may not have come inside the UFC Octagon, but the knockouts in the boxing ring still granted massive bragging rights for Paul. 

Continuing to talk a big game, Paul would call out another former champion in Michael Bisping.

Paul Calls Bisping An ‘Easy Fight’

The back-and-forth between the ex-UFC king and the top influencer has been fun to say the least. The war of words would continue when Paul was approached by reporters on Wednesday.

“I also think it’s a silly callout,” Paul said of Bisping. “It’s an easy fight for me. It’s a one-round fight. He’s an old guy, but here’s the thing about me: if someone talks sh*t, I have to f*ck them up. I have a f*cking problem in my head.

“If someone talks sh*t, let’s f*cking settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you’re really ‘bout that or if you’re just talking on Twitter. So these guys who think they’re so tough, these ‘UFC champions’ who think they’re so tough, I’ll beat the f*** out of all of them.”

Paul Is Sick Of UFC Champions ‘Acting Tough’

Paul apparently has all the time in the world to ‘beat the f*ck out of all of them’, which includes non-champ Jorge Masvidal or anybody who wants to talk trash.

“And I’ve got time. I’ve got time to do it. I’m young. So any of them can get it. As fast as we get these deals done, I’m knocking them all out. Bisping wants to talk sh*t? Cool, let’s get in the ring you motherf*ckers, you p*ssy. If anyone wants to talk sh*t, get in the f*cking ring you p*ssy. Masvidal, you p****. These guys are all talk, they’re cap, and their dad Dana f*cking owns them. They’re a bunch of f*cking p*ssies that hide behind the f*cking contract.”

“To me it’s if you’re a man who is around my weight and you want to talk sh*t and you can fight, then let’s get in the ring and settle it, because I’m sick and tired of these UFC champions or these guys that think they’re tough. It started with Ben Askren, then Tyron Woodley, I’ve proven I can beat these guys up and to me, it’s easy. So if they’re gonna talk s*** on Twitter, let’s settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you can back up that sh*t talk.

“Let’s see how tough these boys really are.”

Bisping Responds

It didn’t take long for ‘The Count’ to reply to Paul’s latest work on the mic.

“@jakepaul do you not realize how pathetic you sound? I have nothing at all to prove. You on the other hand refuse to fight anyone in their prime. Good for you man, make your money, but please stop acting like a real fighter. Your a successful side show. And that’s ok.”

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