Israel Adesanya Offers $3M To Anybody Who Can Prove He’s Done Steroids, Pokes Fun At Jon Jones

Adesanya had a lot to say following his 50th successful USADA test.

Adesanya Cage
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Israel Adesanya is clean as can be. So clean, he’s offering a hefty paycheck to anybody who can find some dirt on him. 

The UFC Middleweight Champion was recognized during UFC 276 media day for passing 50 drug tests from U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Adesanya was awarded a special jacket by the UFC’s Jeff Novitsky but that wasn’t all. 

Adesanya Offers $3M For ‘Concrete Evidence’ Of Him Doing Steroids

Following the short ceremony, Adesanya would speak his mind on the mic against people who suspect him of using steroids. This controversy would come after Adesanya had gynecomastia on his nipple, years ago. Some triggers for gynecomastia include the use of anabolic steroids, which Adesanya quickly denied then. 

“When you’re great, they talk about tittie-gate.” Adesanya told Middle Easy and other reporters. “They just need to find excuses to take away my greatness. I understand that this is what people are supposed to do and I let them. Look, I will give $3M to anyone who can have concrete evidence that I even know what the  f*ck I’m doing with steroids or how to take steroids.

“I promise you, $3M if you can find anyone who has concrete evidence that I even purchased, touched or done any performance-enhancing drugs or whatever… pull up. Accusations based off nothing.”

Adesanya Goes After Jon Jones

‘The Last Stylebender’ would also take a shot at Jon Jones on the topic of drug testing.

Jones has quite the history when it comes to USADA. A few years ago, the former champ admitted to hiding under a cage at his gym to avoid a drug test. He said he was hiding to avoid testing positive for marijuana at the time… Adesanya would blaze Jones for this occasion.

“’I’ve never hidden anywhere by the way,” Adesanya referenced Jones. “I always show my whereabouts. You’ll never find me under the cage, I’m always in there fighting.”

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