In the thumb wrestling world, Satoshi Ishii vs. Mark Munoz is all that matters

If I had writer’s block, Mark Munoz would have the ability to smash it into lego-sized pieces. Munoz didn’t watch the Casey Anthony trial because he was too busy ground and pounding the earth back into orbit. If Munoz was in X-Men, his mutant power is being Filipino. Despite the extraordinary force emerging from the limbs of Mark Munoz, it pales in comparison to Satoshi Ishii — at least, in the thumb wrestling world. Hopefully both of these guys will audition for a spot in the ‘Thumb Wrestling Federation.’ Yes, that does exist and you can even watch a few of the season four matches here. Liberate your thumb, and watch this video of Mark Munoz and Satoshi Ishii in an epic thumb war. [Source]

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