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I wonder if Nick Diaz wishes he could do this…

I wonder if Nick Diaz wishes he could do this…

Sometimes I look at a vase and tell myself if I ever run out of red cups, I could always drink out of it. Then I remember vases are used to carry plants and I slowly abandon that idea. It’s really a stupid conclusion since I use my dinner bowl to carry chopped-up vegetables, and that’s socially acceptable. The vase needs to make a comeback in the kitchen utensil scene. Imagine the cerebral complexities that could arise if you filled an entire flower vase with Berry Blaster Slurpee from 7-11. It would be like self-administrated cryogenics on your brain. Your thoughts would freeze and you would just forget that you exist, and blink out of this universe. Well that’s what you get for using a flower vase as a cup — should have listened to your mother when you were a kid.

Now watch this video of Georges St. Pierre performing some gymnastic routine that Nick Diaz may or may not try in Lodi, California at Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Props to Tracy Lee for the picture. [Source]

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