Houston Alexander rescues children…now give him a title shot

Houston Alexander saw a child suffocating inside of a locked car so he took his fists and smashed the window, unlocked the door to pick up the kid then he located the parents and punched both of them directly in the mouth for being assholes. Alright, that story is about 10% true

According to Yahoo, Houston Alexander saw a child inside of an unlocked car and, in order to rescue the kid from the automotive microwave, he opened the door, picked up the child and starting walking from business to business locating the parent. Eventually he found the little girl’s mother who was giving blood (weird) in a dialysis center (ok, not so weird).

Ok, the dude rescues children and donates kidneys to little girls, after his hands heal up don’t give him fights like Andre Gusamo…send the dude straight to the top of the lightweight rankings. If you don’t believe in this guy’s power, then do it for the PR. You never know, he might cure cancer next.

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