Holly Holm Is Willing To Offer Cris Cyborg A Rematch If She Wins

Holly Holm understands the similarities being made between her upcoming UFC 219 main event against Cris “Cyborg” Justino and her bout against Ronda Rousey back in 2015.

Holly Holm has a serious chance to shock the world once again at UFC 219. She’s confident, and her coaches believe she can do it as well.

Holly ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ Holm is returning to 145lbs to face one of the most fierce competitors in the history of women’s MMA Cyborg at UFC 219 on December 30th.

When it comes to Cyborg, who has gone undefeated for more than a decade, Holly spoke via UFC 219 media conference call and made it clear that if she does graciously win, Holm would be willing to give Justino an immediate rematch-as long as the situation isn’t similar to when she beaten Rousey at UFC 193:

“Yes [I would give Cris Cyborg an immediate rematch if I beat her] and with Ronda [Rousey] I was open to a rematch as well, it’s just they didn’t know how long or when she would come back or if she would want to. And that’s when I said well I just don’t want to wait around. I’ll wait if you can tell me this is going to be within six months or whatever but I didn’t want to just be waiting around for that one fight. I want to be able to fight and train and live out my passion. I didn’t want it to be based around just one fighter. So I was welcome to the fact to rematch her, it’s just they didn’t have any answer if she really was going to come back and if she did, how long it would be.”

“So, I think that situation [with Rousey] was different. If that was to happen in this fight [with Cyborg], of course I would say yes. I think anyone deserves a rematch. I think that’s just the name of the game. That’s the fighting spirit. I would definitely be open to that I feel like Cris is definitely a competitive person as well. She trains hard and I think her and Ronda are two really different people and the situation after the fight would be a little bit different anyway. I don’t think that Cirs would want to sit aside for a year or however long, I mean, I don’t know but I feel like there would definitely be a chance for a rematch if that were to happen.”

If Holm beats Cyborg at UFC 219, it would be considered a massive upset, which is why the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion would happily offer her a second chance.

Undefeated Cyborg is making the first defense of her UFC featherweight title at UFC 219; her winning streak is legendary-covering 19-straight fights since her debut.

What do you think who will emerge victorious between two badass women next weekend at December 30th in Las Vegas?

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