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Hip-Hop Chess Federation and Ralek Gracie

Hip-Hop Chess Federation and Ralek Gracie

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Ralek has been training Jiu Jitsu since he popped out of the womb. Love him or hate him, he’s pretty amazing at Jiu Jitsu, and not all that bad at MMA. Now, Ralek (HAA-LEK) has come under quite a bit of scrutiny since the surprise release of his debut hip hop album in 2011. It left a lot “WTFs” and head shaking. So, what’s the deal with this? Is it just another case of someone using their popularity or power to sell something? Well, grapplers, lets take a closer look (as soon as I finish my Gracie smoothie.)

or those of you that are Hip Hip fans (true hip hop fans, not those that think Drake is the best rapper alive) you’ll be familiar with the Dialated Peoples. The trio has pretty much stayed underground since there debut in 1992. Despite that, they have garnered a large worldwide fan base, hit the Billboard top 200 several times, and have been featured on several video game soundtracks. The groups MC, Rakaa Iriscience, has been training at the Gracie Academy for almost a decade and has a close relationship with the Gracies and Ralek himself.

Ah, now there’s the connection. Despite those facts, some of you may still think all of this is kinda weird or could just be a ploy to sell some Ralek albums…

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