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Here’s the tremendous UFC on FOX weigh-in that you need to see

Here’s the tremendous UFC on FOX weigh-in that you need to see

Welcome to the mysterium tremendum.

By this time tomorrow, we either will have a new heavyweight champion or can solidify that Fedor has been dethroned as the greatest heavyweight of all time. One of those scenarios will 100% take place within 24-hours, and that should fill all of you with incredible anxiety. I’ve been so tensed throughout the day thinking about this fight that I’ve only consumed two things since yesterday, and both of those things begins in ‘vienna’ and ends in ‘sausages.’

Check out the weigh-in of the only fight that will air tomorrow on FOX and continue to tell me how it’s humanly possible for Cain Velasquez to defeat Junior dos Santos, because I believe it’s impossible. [Source]

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