Heel turn! The top ten tag team double crosses in pro wrestling history ranked

The art of the heel turn is a beautiful thing. The best part of heel turn is when the rug is pulled out from under the fans at a key, unexpected moment. Build up the dreams and hopes of the pro wrestling world only to crush them via a piledriver to their still beating heart.

These ten tag team break-ups put your heart strings in a figure four leglock and then proceed to stomp on your tears in a mocking manner. Covering the last 30 or so years of WWF, WCW, and WWE fans have watched a ton great tag teams break-up, make-up, only to break-up again. Pro wrestling divorces are rough. Who will be your new wrestling weekend dad and who will play the role of overbearing WWE step-dad? Watch this list and find out.

10. Y2 jerk

9. friends don’t hit each other in the nuts

8. Clique broken

7. Dat face though

6. Legacy maker

5. Thank You

4. Hate that guy

3. !!!!!!

2. (╯°□°)╯︵

1. ?????


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