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He loves me, he loves me not: the saga of Dana and Kimbo

He loves me, he loves me not: the saga of Dana and Kimbo

The rules of love, relationships and marriages usually follow the order of love, infatuation and admiration first-and then later on down the road deteriorate into a sort of resentful burning hatred. When you have spent day after day with this person washing their dirty socks and underwear, listening to them complain to waiters about cucumbers on their salad and too much ice in their tea, nag you about laying on a couch instead of sitting because couches are only made for sitting afterall, and enduring hour long instructional lectures from them on the order in which the kitchen should be cleaned for maximum time saving efficiency–that’s just the way your feelings will naturally progress.

Dana White’s love doesn’t work that way though. He’s an anomaly of sorts when it comes to how he falls in love with you. Take for example, his short lived love affair with Kimbo Slice. Dana hated Kimbo for a very long time but one day his eyes fell upon Kimbo filled with a new admiration and affection. Suddenly Dana was in love with Kimbo like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loves pizza.

This Dana love for Kimbo lasted for an entire season of TUF 10 from episode one all the way to the finale. Dana was sprung on Kimbo like a real life version of Usher’s song ‘you got it bad’. He couldn’t miss a day without his friend or his whole life would be off track and now thanks to the genius of notlookoutwhale we can go back and relive the progression of this tumultuous sorrid love hate relationship Dana had with Kimbo on one heartwarming youtube video. Grab some popcorn, candy and a can of your favorited carbonated drink and enjoy the show.

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