Happy Memorial Day everyone, now here’s our gift to you…

It’s that time of the year to sloppily eat BBQ like a drunken wildebeest. Memorial Day is here and it’s time to honor all of the past warriors who have fought and died in battles so that we can all argue if Fedor will beat Cain Velasquez in an MMA bout. Thanks a lot for all the troops that are currently in whatever country they don’t want to be in and all of the old guys (and girls) who obviously are more noble than any of us at MiddleEasy.com. Since we can’t pick up a gun to save our lives, we are going to offer you this really cool coupon to WorldOverEasy.com so you can save 15% on everything you order and get really cool stickers while you’re at it. We have some new stuff in the store like this ‘Magic Beanie‘, our new ‘This.’ shirt, a long-sleeve ‘Woe!’ shirt, and more importantly, we finally have shirts for women. Yes! Not to mention, most of our old stuff has finally been restocked including our Free Lee Murray shirt.

There’s no MMA news today, folks. It’s a holiday! Relax, chill out and buy some stuff from WorldOverEasy.com.

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