Goldberg! Ranallo! The MMA Mic Mega Powers are in Bellator and we have 10 questions

This is really happening. Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo, the two vocal chords attached to the most highlights in MMA’s history are now working for Bellator. Say what now?

“The addition of highly-regarded announcers Mauro and Mike to our fantastic lineup of broadcasters, and our first-rate production led by Scott Fishman, further demonstrates our commitment MMA fans and expanding the global Bellator brand,” said Spike SVP of Sports and Specials Jon Slusser.

“Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo are two of the best in our business and I couldn’t be happier about them joining the Bellator family,” said Bellator CEO Scott Coker.”In addition to June 24, we look forward to working together to make future Spike broadcasts even more exciting for our fans as we add further depth to an already-exceptional broadcast team.”

The MMA mic Mega Powers begin working for Bellator starting with the promotion’s June 24th pay-per-view event. It’s not a game changer but the vocal stylings of Goldie and Mauro give Bellator maybe the most street cred they have ever had. The MMA world as a whole appears to be legit stoked for Goldberg and Ranallo calling MMA fights again and now we have a few questions before it’s all over for our collective minds.

10. How did Bellator pull this off?
9. The WWE and Showtime Sports have signed him before, how the hell did the UFC never sign Mauro?!?!
8. Will Mike Goldberg call the Bellator cage an Octagon?
7. Will Bellator and Spike give no fucks and just let Goldberg and Ranallo run a two man booth?
6. Better combo Goldberg and Sonnen or Ranallo and Smith? Other?
5. Which play by play man is 1A and who is 1B in the eyes of Spike TV?
4. How dumb is the WWE for letting Ranallo walk away from their booth?
3. Would Joe Rogan ever follow his buddy Mike Goldberg to Bellator?
2. The voice of the UFC and the voice of Pride are now in Bellator, WTF UFC?
1. No, seriously we why can’t Goldberg and Ranallo scream KO calls in perfect harmony together as one announcing unit?

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