Gina Carano says she did 98% of her own stunts in Haywire

The days in which Gina Carano competed in MMA are that of antiquity. We can only refer to Carano’s MMA days in whimsical, nostalgic references that no one will understand. Carano is to MMA as Gilles Deleuze is to film theory. See, you would have to be backpacking in the vast expanse of my mind for years in order to understand that. My writing is unforgiving. I will offer no follow-ups or explanations. You will just have to accept that statement into you reality and dissimulate it into your mind.

Damn the pre-mature critics. I’m seeing Haywire in the theaters when it comes out. Any variation of Gina Carano is good for me. No variation of Zeus is good for Gina Carano. That’s the ebb and flow of the universe. Check out this Comic Con interview with Gina Carano regarding her performance in the upcoming film Haywire. [Source]

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