Gilbert Melendez doesn’t want to fight Ishida for a 3rd time

Gilbert Melendez finally got the revenge he was looking for ever since Ishida grabbed the win in Japan about a year ago. This time, the fight didn’t go to decision. Melendez got the TKO via brutal ground and pound. Now he’s the interim champion which, as Brock Lesnar called it, an ‘imaginary belt’. Luckily, Melendez isn’t in the same weight class as Brock. That would be interesting.

In an interview with Sportsnavi, Gilbert Melendez said the first fight he had with Mitsuhiro Ishida could have gone either way so he wanted to settle the score at the August 15th Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg card. He pulled off the win and when Sportsnavi asked about a possible third ‘rubber match’, Melendez said he thought the second fight was pretty decisive and there really isn’t a need to fight Ishida again. I’m not sure what the direct quote is, I’m not that too familiar with Japanese (or English) however that is the rough English to Japanese to English translation (props to Nightmare of Battle for the deciphering skills).

Some of you may remember immediately after their second fight, Ishida pulled a BJ Penn and accused Gilbert Melendez of greasing. Accusing someone of greasing during a fight is the new black. Greasing goes with anything, even blue jeans. Greasing is what all the new kids are wearing. Grease is what gathers around my nose when I haven’t taken a shower in a couple of days. My nose is all about fashion. [Source]

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